Marin de Jong

Born in Rotterdam, 1976.
He graduated his MA at the Willem de Kooning art academy in 2006. Over the years, Marin developed a personal style characterized by a collage-like approach and a highly technical execution, using egg-tempera painting techniques and pigments to create his own colour palette. The combination of his contemporary approach and the classical execution integrate with the central themes in his works.

current exhibition

Chronicle For The Millions

A new Romantic era and the oppression of the arts
After decades in which individual freedom was at the centre of our liberal society, a new Romantic era has arrived. The Western world, again, is building walls and raising borders. A renewed sense of nationalism and a focus on ethnical identity are central in the resistance of the elite and it’s status-quo. In this era, where nuance is losing from discourtesy, there is no room for artists. Except for super stars like Van Gogh, Picasso and Koons.

‘Chronicle for the Millions’, an exhibition by Marin de Jong, is a respond to this new era. The early 21st century manifested itself with doubt, chaos and a split within our society’s. A stark contrast with the tranquility of the years before the millennium. This recent turmoil has severely affected the position of artists. The arts are seen as part of the elite, for which there currently is no appreciation. In respond to this new order, Marin de Jong is covering up his art works, discarding their visual value, destroying them and hiding them from the masses. By doing so a new form is created: the ultimate anti-form.

But the arts are resilient. They will never go away. Not even when de masses choose commerce and dogma over freedom. During his entire oeuvre, irony has always been the dominant form in which Marin de Jong communicates through his art works. In this new series, like in his earlier works, nothing is what it seems. And by doing so Marin de Jong is joining the chaos that is central to the rise of this new Romantic era. As a spectator viewing this series, an inquiring mind is needed. The millions might be choosing super stars, dogmatic ideas and nationalism over individual freedom, mockery and irony are the only possible response.